Fuel your business the modern way
Fillip’s digital fuel and expense payment platform puts control in the hands of the business — making the process simple, reliable, and more economical.
Fuel anywhere Visa* is accepted
Ultimate savings - time & money
Unbeatable fraud prevention
Fillip Fleet app and payment card
A better experience for you and your drivers
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Quickly add card users
With instant digital delivery you can add and remove drivers with a single click.
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Smart purchases
Limit the frequency and types of purchases that drivers are able to make.
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Fraud protection
Real time visibility keeps you up-to-date on suspicious purchase activity.
Photo of Fillip Customer Alex Petre from Bird
Alex Petre
Chief Operating Officer
“You don’t appreciate the opportunity cost of managing your people’s expenses until you use Fillip and get much more time to focus on succeeding in your business.”
Photo of Fillip Customer Kyle Lumsden of Clearview Plumbing
Kyle Lumsden
ClearView Plumbing & Heating
“It feels like we're really part of the 21st century now. It's all on their smartphones - no lost receipts and chasing people down for follow-up.”
Fiona Styant
Vice President, Development
"At MOLLY MAID Canada, we would definitely recommend Fillip. It has been a game changer for us at our corporate franchise as well as for franchises across Canada."
Join hundreds of brands that have made the switch
Your team will love Fillip
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Create custom spending rules that match your business. No credit check required.
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Fleet managers
Get alerted about suspicious purchases with real-time transaction history.
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Close your books faster with digital receipt capture and monthly statements.
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Office managers
Instantly add and remove members to your team with digital card delivery.
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Simplify expense reports and reimbursements, with a single card accepted anywhere.
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