Why Fillip
Fuel and maintenance made simple
The Fillip Visa card in a phone's digital wallet
Accelerate your business
A fleet solution uniquely tailored to fuel your business growth, offering insights and support designed to help you thrive.
Fuel anywhere
Universal acceptance allows your drivers to save time and money by fueling anywhere Visa is accepted.
Custom spend controls
Build an experience that matches your business by creating custom spend rules.
Instant card issuance
Easily add and remove drivers with a simple click and have their digital cards instantly delivered.
Digital receipt capture
Ensuring no lost receipts and providing valuable spending insights to streamline your expense tracking.
Ultimate Transparency
Have the information you need at your fingertips to make the decisions you need to make to grow your business. Fully transparent data for every fuel and vehicle expense in real-time.
Maximize efficiency
minimize costs
Optimize your operations with our tailored fleet solutions, designed to maximize efficiency and minimize costs, paving the way for smarter, more economical business growth.
How your business can save time and money
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Save time & money
by filling their vehicle anywhere
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Save up to
2hr / day
managing drivers, fuel and expenses
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Save up to
10hr / mth
with our flexible financing solutions and monthly account statements
Security icon
Secure fueling with smart tags
Simplify the fueling experience for your team while safeguarding against unauthorized purchases. Ensure vehicle proximity to the pump and seamlessly link purchases to drivers and vehicles, improving data accuracy and cost tracking.
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Phone notifications alerting the user of potential fraudulent purchases on their fleet cards.
Carbon neutral icon
Future proof your fleet
Our innovative fleet solution allows for alternative fueling options and emissions tracking, paving the way for a more sustainable business on the road. As your business evolves, Fillip is ready to assist in decarbonization.
A transparent platform
Our transparent platform offers real-time fleet control, deep data insights, and customizable statement exports for efficient management.
Real-time data
Track every fuel transaction as it happens with our real-time data, bringing immediate insights and control.
Account statements
Create spending reports on demand with a clear breakdown of expenses.
Deeper insights
Unlock powerful insights with our data analytics, driving smarter decisions for your fleet.
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The Fillip Fleet desktop portal and mobile app showing detailed transaction reports and purchase history data
Your drivers are waiting
Make running your business easier and start fueling your team with Fillip today.
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