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Per driver per month

Manage your fleet and only get charged for active drivers.

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Profit Protection with Reporting



Per driver per month

Manage your fleet and only get charged for active drivers

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Profit Protection with Reporting


Custom Pricing Available

Maximize ROI with rebates, spend insights and hassle-free administration.

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Enterprise Level Support for the Fleets that Need it

Why choose Fillip?

Fuel anywhere
Limited fuel locations or partners
Limited fuel locations or partners
Expense tracking
Instant / Real-timeManual expense trackingMonthly statementsMonthly statements
Vehicle expense options
Enable purchases for parking, car wash, EV charging, and more
Restricted to fuel only
Restricted to fuel only
Flexible funding options
Use a credit card, direct deposit, or e-transfer to pre-fund your account
Card dependantCard dependantCard dependant
Digital cards
Card dependantCard dependantCard dependant
No personal expenses
Eliminate the need for personal expenses
Spend controls
Determine spend limits by driver
Fraud protection
Get notified real-time when a card is used
Capture all vehicle expenses in one place. Reduce bookkeeping costs by up to 25%*
24/7 support, dedicated & friendly customer service representatives you’ll know by name
Profit protection
Save up to 10% on fuel by eliminating over spending, pooling purchases, and collecting rebates
Fees & charges
Card dependantCard dependantCard dependant
Integrated smartphone app

Everyone's Job Gets Easier with Fillip

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See where every dollar goes. Understand your true cost of fuel with real-time data at your fingertips and eliminate over spending on fuel.


Digital transaction details make managing fuel expenses easy - so you can close your books faster.

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Fuelling is simple. Spend more time on the job site and less searching for a gas station.

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Why Businesses Love Fillip

“You don’t appreciate the opportunity cost of managing your people’s expenses until you use Fillip and get much more time to focus on succeeding in your business.”

Alex Petre
Chief Operating Officer

“Having everything accessible on mobile makes life easier for all. The results are happy employees, easier tracking for accounting and less time doing expense reports.”

Pal Shergill
Prominent Homes

“It feels like we're really part of the 21st century now. It's all on their smartphones - no lost receipts and chasing people down for follow-ups.”

Kevin Lumsden
ClearView Heating & Plumbing

“I don't have to worry about lost cards again. My team prefers to use the app and it's more secure. They just fill up wherever and forge along with their day.”

Lynda Gordey
General Manager
Fairways Drywall

“The biggest surprise using Fillip was how I never had to think about Fillip. It takes minutes to activate a new cardholder, and my team loves it - no complaints.”

Joe Scott
Scott's Security