Case study: Driverseat Calgary

Fillip Fleet
November 7, 2023
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Driverseat Calgary

The Driverseat Calgary team provides reliable, high-quality shuttle services across multiple sectors, thanks to their immaculate vehicles and team of professional chauffeurs. With a growing fleet, they found themselves spending an increasing amount of time managing fuel payments and tracking monthly vehicle costs. They decided it was time to look for a more efficient solution, which would allow their team to spend more time on the customer-facing tasks that set them apart in the transportation service industry.

After partnering with Fillip, Driverseat immediately noticed the perks of our streamlined fleet solution: no more hunting for a specific gas station, no more time-consuming expense reports, and no more sharing a single card among multiple drivers. Now, their digital cards ensure that each team member can always make payments on-the-go, while our automatic reporting provides them with the data they need to make informed business decisions — saving countless hours in the process.

Less time spent on fleet management, and more time spent growing your business: that’s the Fillip promise.

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