Case Study: Prominent Homes

Fillip Fleet
October 20, 2023
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Prominent Homes

As a family-oriented home builder, Prominent believes in providing comfort and flexibility to Calgarian households — not just their customers, but also their own team members. That’s why they needed a fleet card that allowed their drivers to fill up anywhere and anytime, saving time that would otherwise be spent searching for a supported vendor. And even more importantly, they needed a solution that eliminated personal expenses for their drivers, ensuring their day-to-day operations never interfered with the financial wellbeing of their team members.

Since partnering with Fillip, Prominent Homes has experienced significant time savings across their entire team — from management, to accounting, to on-site staff. Fillip Fleet has become a central piece of their day-to-day operations, streamlining their company-wide fueling processes through our always-available digital card and user-friendly smartphone app.

Another successful partnership, built on reliable service and unmatched fueling convenience.

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